BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
devel-OOo330openoffice3-bin: updated spell to 3.3.0. Build 9567Bor Kraljič12 years
mastergrit-bin: new spell, multitree-based personal task managerVlad Glagolev9 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 daysgrit-bin: new spell, multitree-based personal task managerHEADmasterVlad Glagolev
13 dayswire-bin: => 3.28.2946 (amd64)Vlad Glagolev
14 daysonlyoffice-bin: new spell, office suite that combines text, spreadsheet and p...Vlad Glagolev
2022-07-16btop++-bin: => 1.2.8Vlad Glagolev
2022-05-19gitmux-bin: new spell, Git in your tmux status barVlad Glagolev
2022-05-19btop++-bin: => 1.2.6Vlad Glagolev
2022-03-15nodejs-bin: => 17.7.1Treeve Jelbert
2022-01-28vault-bin: => 1.9.3Vlad Glagolev
2021-12-06firefox-bin: => 95.0Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-24firefox-bin: => 94.0Treeve Jelbert