AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysonlyoffice-bin: => 7.2.0HEADmasterVlad Glagolev
2022-09-10firefox-bin: => 104.0.2, SECURITY_PATCH++Conner
2022-09-06syncthing-bin: add init frameworkVlad Glagolev
2022-09-06added account data for syncthing-binVlad Glagolev
2022-09-05syncthing-bin: new spell, open decentralized synchronization utilityVlad Glagolev
2022-08-18firefox-bin: => 103.0.2, SECURITY_PATCH++Conner
2022-07-31grit-bin: new spell, multitree-based personal task managerVlad Glagolev
2022-07-27wire-bin: => 3.28.2946 (amd64)Vlad Glagolev
2022-07-26onlyoffice-bin: new spell, office suite that combines text, spreadsheet and p...Vlad Glagolev
2022-07-16btop++-bin: => 1.2.8Vlad Glagolev
2022-05-19gitmux-bin: new spell, Git in your tmux status barVlad Glagolev
2022-05-19btop++-bin: => 1.2.6Vlad Glagolev
2022-03-15nodejs-bin: => 17.7.1Treeve Jelbert
2022-01-28vault-bin: => 1.9.3Vlad Glagolev
2021-12-06firefox-bin: => 95.0Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-24firefox-bin: => 94.0Treeve Jelbert
2021-11-24btop++-bin: => 1.1.1Vlad Glagolev
2021-11-24vault-bin: => 1.9.0Vlad Glagolev
2021-11-13vault-bin: => 1.8.5Vlad Glagolev
2021-11-01packer-bin: => 1.7.8Vlad Glagolev
2021-11-01btop++-bin: => 1.0.20Vlad Glagolev
2021-10-15libreoffice-bin: => 7.2.2Treeve Jelbert
2021-10-05firefox-bin: => 93.0Treeve Jelbert
2021-10-05btop++-bin: add missing CONFLICTS fileVlad Glagolev
2021-10-05btop++-bin: conflicts with btop++Vlad Glagolev
2021-10-05btop++-bin: new spell, resource monitorVlad Glagolev
2021-09-20libreoffice-bin: => 7.2.1Treeve Jelbert
2021-09-18packer-bin: => 1.7.5Vlad Glagolev
2021-09-13boundary-bin: => 0.6.0Vlad Glagolev
2021-09-10vault-bin: => 1.8.2Vlad Glagolev
2021-09-08nodejs-bin: => 16.9.0Treeve Jelbert
2021-08-31firefox-bin: => 91.0.2Treeve Jelbert
2021-08-19libreoffice-bin: => 7.2.0Treeve Jelbert
2021-08-14bin-java/openjdk13-bin: version Franzmann
2021-08-14Update my email address (scripted)Florian Franzmann
2021-08-10vault-bin: => 1.8.1Vlad Glagolev
2021-08-07drawio-desktop-bin: new spell, diagram drawing application built on web techn...Vlad Glagolev
2021-08-05terraform-tool-bin: => 1.0.4Vlad Glagolev
2021-08-05boundary-bin: => 0.5.0Vlad Glagolev
2021-08-03terraform-tool-bin: => 1.0.3Vlad Glagolev
2021-08-03consul-bin: => 1.10.1 [security]Vlad Glagolev
2021-08-03vault-bin: => 1.8.0Vlad Glagolev
2021-07-04boundary-bin: new spell, network resources access controllerVlad Glagolev
2021-07-03envconsul-bin: new spell, start subprocess with envvar populated from Consul ...Vlad Glagolev
2021-07-02lego-bin: => 4.4.0Vlad Glagolev
2021-07-02packer-bin: new spell, tool for building machine imagesVlad Glagolev
2021-07-02vault-bin: new spell, tool for managing secretsVlad Glagolev
2021-07-02consul-template-bin: new spell, template rendering and notifications with ConsulVlad Glagolev
2021-07-02consul-bin: new spell, service discovery and configuration toolVlad Glagolev
2021-07-01terraform-tool-bin: => 1.0.1Vlad Glagolev