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2010-06-09gametable: added SOURCE_HINTS=no-check-certificate (bug #15705)Bor Kraljič
2010-05-11gametable: Add an Icon to the desktop file, PATCHLEVEL++Eric Sandall
2010-04-27gametable: Don't need to cd back from scriptEric Sandall
2010-04-27gametable: Add desktop fileEric Sandall
2010-04-27gametable: Added a shared whiteboard clientEric Sandall
2009-12-10openarena-bin: small spell modificationsBor Kraljič
2008-12-02openarena-bin: removed PRE_INSTALL, unnecessary files are now deleted in PRE_...Julien ROZO
2008-11-10openarena-bin: moved from z-rejected grimoireJulien ROZO