BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd archspec for sandybridgeFlorian Franzmann3 years
stableAdd HOST_LIBC variable to specify the libc ABIIsmael Luceno5 years
stable-0.8.4commit 6f6759d2c2...Vlad Glagolev5 years
stable-0.8.3commit b0fac7879c...Vlad Glagolev11 years
stable-0.8.2commit 4204e6547b...Vlad Glagolev12 years
stable-0.8.1commit 0e9a72aa49...Eric Sandall14 years
stable-0.8.0commit 2d9db7c5f0...Eric Sandall15 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-07-19Add archspec for sandybridgeHEADmasterFlorian Franzmann
2020-07-19Add archspec for ivybridgeFlorian Franzmann
2019-05-23Add HOST_LIBC variable to specify the libc ABIstable-0.8.4stableIsmael Luceno
2012-06-14corrected cpu names for Core i7 according to selectionstable-0.8.3Vlad Glagolev
2012-03-25Fix Atom specs clashIsmael Luceno
2012-02-06removed -msahf from corei7s since I'm not sure all of them have thisFlorian Franzmann
2012-02-06added specs for corei7Florian Franzmann
2011-09-0164/x86_64/intel/em64t/atom: added 64 bit Atom archspecstable-0.8.2Arwed von Merkatz
2011-08-3132/ia32/intel/x86/atom: added Atom CPUArwed von Merkatz
2011-04-09added Esther C5J (Via C7) processor specsVlad Glagolev