AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-01-06google-chrome-bin: Fix typos in x86_64 and x86 SOURCEEric Sandall
2010-01-06google-chrome-bin: Apparently these RPMs change daily, switching toEric Sandall
2010-01-05google-chrome-bin: List all created filesEric Sandall
2010-01-05google-chrome: Renamed to google-chrome-binEric Sandall
2010-01-05google-chrome: Added Google Chrome web browserEric Sandall
2009-12-23thunderbird-bin: Removed extra SOURCE lineGeorge Sherwood
2009-12-19firefox-bin: Updated stable to version 3.5.6 and devel toGeorge Sherwood
2009-12-19seamonkey-bin: Updated to version 2.0.1. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2009-12-14eclipse-bin: Add missing HISTORY entry for desktop IconEric Sandall
2009-12-12thunderbird-bin: Updated to version 3.0 stable and develGeorge Sherwood
2009-12-10openarena-bin: small spell modificationsBor Kraljič
2009-12-04eclipse-bin: Add icon to Icon desktop fieldEric Sandall
2009-12-04eclipse-bin: Expand Name desktop fieldEric Sandall
2009-12-03eclipse-bin: Cleanup whitespaceEric Sandall
2009-12-03eclipse-bin: Updated to 3.5.1 build 200909170800Eric Sandall
2009-11-30openoffice3-bin: Updated to 3.1.1 Build 9420Eric Sandall
2009-11-21firefox-bin: Updated devel to version 3.6b3George Sherwood
2009-11-10firefox-bin: Updated devel to version 3.6b2George Sherwood
2009-11-08thunderbird-bin: Updated devel to version 3.0b4George Sherwood
2009-11-08firefox-bin: Updated devel to 3.6b1George Sherwood
2009-11-08firefox-bin: Updated stable and devel to 3.5.5. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2009-11-08seamonkey-bin: Updated stable and devel to 2.0.George Sherwood
2009-10-10seamonkey-bin: Updated devel to version 2.0rc1George Sherwood
2009-09-14ontopia 5.0.2-20090914Ladislav Hagara
2009-09-13seamonkey-bin: Updated devel to 2.0b2George Sherwood
2009-09-11firefox-bin: Updated to version 3.5.3George Sherwood
2009-09-07ontopia 5.0.1-20090907Ladislav Hagara
2009-09-06ontopia: added init.d scriptLadislav Hagara
2009-09-05seamonkey-bin: Updated to version 1.1.18. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2009-09-04ontopia - PRE_BUILD has also been addedLadislav Hagara
2009-09-04accounts, groups: added ontopia:ontopia accountLadislav Hagara
2009-09-04bin-http/ontopia: new spell, a set of tools for building applicationsLadislav Hagara
2009-08-26firefox-bin: Updated to version 3.5.2. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2009-08-26thunderbird-bin: Updated stable to version SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2009-08-18Added ChangeLog entry in, and updated blender-bin for deprecation ofDon Johnson
2009-08-17bin-graphics/blender-bin: moved spell from z-rejectedDon Johnson
2009-08-07tomcat-5-bin: added upstream patch to fix the admin webuiJulien ROZO
2009-07-24eclipse-bin: updated version to 3.5Julien ROZO
2009-07-21seamonkey-bin: Updated to devel to version 2.0b1George Sherwood
2009-07-21tomcat-5.5-bin: new spell, an implementation of the Servlet and JSP technologiesJulien ROZO
2009-07-21tomcat-6-bin: in init.d/tomcat6, replaced a plain call to tomcat6 user by ${T...Julien ROZO
2009-07-21tomcat-5-bin: new spell, an implementation of the Servlet and JSP technologiesJulien ROZO
2009-06-30seamonkey-bin: Updated stable to version 1.1.17. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2009-06-30firefox-bin: Updated to version 3.5George Sherwood
2009-06-11tomcat-6-bin: added, an implementation of the Servlet and JSP technologiesJulien ROZO
2009-06-09seamonkey-bin: Updated stable to version 1.1.16. SECURITY_PATCH++George Sherwood
2009-06-09firefox-bin: Updated stable to version 3.0.10 and devel toGeorge Sherwood
2009-05-07openoffice3-bin: updated version to 3.1.0Julien ROZO
2009-04-13.mailmap: Add mail mapping fileEric Sandall
2009-03-10seamonke-bin: Updated to version 2.0a3George Sherwood